Danielle and I went to a YSA conference at the Lorenzi Chapel in Las Vegas. We participated in various activities in the conference. Once the conference was done, Danielle and I went to the parking lot to drive our two cars. One of the cars was the old 2001 Ford Windstar that my parents owned. Danielle had to drive the mini-van, and I just drove my Chevy Cruze Hatchback. We left the Lorenzi Chapel heading towards my old Vegas family home. As I started to drive around, the Chevy Cruze Hatchback that I was driving morphed into a flying recliner lazy-boy chair. I could control the flight path of the flying sofa with my right hand like a joystick was on the arm rest.

As I was flying around on a sofa, I had to stop at the red light facing northward at the Rainbow and Westcliff intersection. Danielle made it through. As I was waiting for the light to turn green, a bunch of other YSA stopped next to me on their own flying couches and chairs. The YSA looked towards each other to start a race with everyone that was flying. They were flying by the seat of their pants. The light turned green and everyone was off flying this race, including me. The race resembled a scene out of the move Aladdin where Aladdin was escaping the guards after stealing a loaf of bread. We were all flying our seats very well!

In the middle of the race I saw some older adults on the ground that moved to stop the race of the flying seats. These older adults were advisors to the YSA that were racing, and they were able to stop most of the YSA. So then I broke out in the lead only to later fly straight into a witch’s mansion.

I knew it was bad to be flying in the witch’s mansion so I looked to the staircase where I can raise my elevation and escape through the roof. The witch came storming through one of the passage ways with her assistant. The witch angrily casted spells at me and I dodged the spells as I navigated through the house. By all the dodging and weaving, I couldn’t make it to the roof and I had to navigate through the witch’s mansion. I came to a room with a high ceiling and glass walls. I bursted through the glass walls and into the outside to further return home.

As I returned home, I was thinking how the return home went for Danielle. Did the Ford Windstar morph into a flying seat as well? Did she see the witch’s mansion? I had to ask her the next time I saw her. But I went to sleep. The next morning I woke up to find Danielle still absent and I checked her location of Life360. She was gone running errands in SLC. I put down my phone in the dream and then I woke up for real. I slowly realized the dream that I just experienced and I said to myself, “What the heeeeeck.”