Dobbyheimer staring intently at the viewer.

Dobbyheimer considers the meaning of bones and playtime.

In a world where chew toys are the ultimate power source, Dobbyheimer, a brilliant canine physicist, embarks on a tail-wagging adventure to develop the most paw-some invention ever - the Barktomic Bone! With her loyal pack of furry friends by her side, Dobbyheimer navigates the backyard Manhattan Project, facing off against the cunning Squirrel General and his army of backyard critters. As Dobbyheimer wrestles with the ethical dilemma of burying bones that could change the course of fetch history, she must also balance her love for belly rubs with her duty to protect her territory. Will Dobbyheimer’s wag-tastic invention bring peace or chaos to the neighborhood? Find out in this barking mad comedy that will have you howling with laughter!