What does that mean for you to have unity?

Forgiveness needs to be common practice. Unity just can’t happen when there anger, spite, or grudges. There may be a respectful disagreement like when Justices Ginsberg and Scalia were on the US Supreme Court, but they still were professionally united.

Along with forgiveness, tolerance would also be practiced. Tolerance is being able to live with or handle something that might be against your own viewpoint. Why should be tolerant? Chances are that neither one on opposing sides are completely right, as well neither would be completely wrong. If one wants to be heard and work with another opposing view, that one should also hear.

This would go along the lines of the golden rule right? Treat others as you would want to be treated. Your desire to be treated well should overrule if other people are not treating you well, and your own desire to be treated well should be your top priority. If another person isn’t treating you well, you aren’t responsible for their actions.