The atrocities committed by the Russian army at the behest Putin are horrible. Putin is taking advantage of misinformation that he is keen to do. His reasons for invading Ukraine are super bogus. Putin is not to trusted.

I have observed that it is the Russian government to be blamed for the invasion. Russian citizens are not to be included. Many of them have risked personal saftey by protesting the Ukrainian invasion.

It is inspiring to see the Ukrainian people defend themselves against the Russian Army. With grit and determination, they are improvising ways to defend themselves when they are outgunned and outnumbered. Gratefully, the Ukrainian people are seemingly more determined to defend than the Russians are to succeed with their invasion.

I wondered how I could show support for Ukraine. After observing the Ukraine flag and or colors being posted around Utah, I figured out an idea. I could make my websites’ theme after the Ukrainian national colors. In order to accomplish that, I had to change my theme selector to support more than one theme. Once that was done, then I could make a new CSS theme based on Ukrainian colors. That feature is now active, and it is possible to change if wanted by the user.

I have become impressed with the hosts of Airbnb. I hope to follow in the footsteps of Airbnb hosts in times of crises when I have more resources to offer. A home is an important part for refugees especially since their home is in a warzone. They will have the need to restart their lives and find a new home. Airbnb hosts offering temporary residence in partnership with and non-profit companies is a great thing.

I hope that many people can show support for Ukraine and condemn Putin’s actions. But let’s not forget other places as well! Don’t forget about displaced Afghanistan refugees. There are problems around the world, and good people can help them find better lives.