I am getting married! It may have taken me sometime, but I stopped counting a while ago. There was some maturing that I needed to go through. I believe, for myself, that I am marrying an amazing someone at the right time in my life! My financial situation is stable, and I have learned and applied great lessons with regards to maintaining a relationship.

The first, and more minor thing, that is on my mind to share, I have somehow gotten myself into a very comfortable financial situation. With how well I am doing, I think my fiancée and I should be completely fine way down the road! On top of the situation I am in, whatever my fiancée brings can only add to the wonderful situation we will be in. Of course assuming that I am doing the right things and not making very risky investments.

Speaking of which, I firmly believe that I have made the right choices so far. The right choices even include fixing the not so wise choices I’ve made. That should be another story to tell sometime though.

What can also be done with the great financial situation is the influnce on lives that my fiancée and I could bless. I consider the parable of the ten talents or the sermon on the mount important to consider! Investing and doing good things wisely will make others and God happy with us.

To summarize all the lessons that I’ve learned about relationships, it is all about maintaining it. That has several details and attributes: some of them are patience, diligence, charity, kindness, persistence, love, and understanding. All of these attributes can help me keep my fiancée as my number one priority and I can make sure she is happy. And I reeeeaaallly love to see her happy.

I am excited and happy with the prospect of marrying Danielle. I do feel like I have learned so much already, and I do anticipate to learn more! In celebration of my marriage to Danielle, I invite all who read to visit the wedding website that I made! Danielle helped too by giving feedback by the way…