Hiking is a great recreational activity, because it can provide a perspective to a hiker’s life. Likewise, dating can be another great recreational activity. Since both hiking and dating are both great, both have similar things about them. What can some of those traits be?

To be a safe hiker, one must prepare for a hike. Similarly, to go out on safe dates, one can also prepare. Some of the preparation methods for a hike can be translated into preparation for the dating experience.

One learns from the mental and emotional demands of the hike. Those lessons help maturity blossom like a wild mountain flower. Dating also has mental and emotional demands that can teach a person to be more mature.

Last, the greatest reward that comes from hiking is the incredible view from the top of the mountain. There is an incredible sight to embrace the viewer. As such, in successful dating a person can cherish incredible moments.


Before meeting the mental and emotional demands of a hike, preparation must be made. Preparation can be met with regular exercise to endure the hike, dedication to not quit, and necessary equipment to prepare for emergencies.


Hiking a moutain is an endurance sport. To help endure hiking a mountain, an individual can be emotionally and mentally prepared. There will be challenges to the individual’s mind while hiking for so long. If the hiker does not have the capability to endure the hike, the hiker won’t be able to go far. Going far is very important, because the hiker can experience and learn so much more.


Hiking for a long stretch of time also entails a little bit of dedication. Dedication is needed in order to keep walking when the tough times come rolling down the mountain. Feet and legs may ache for the lack of oxygen, but the hiker must keep going to view the full experience. The hiker must not quit, or else the hiker will be left a short experience. There is not much of a story to tell with a short experience.


Another aspect of preparation is having the necessary equipment in order to be prepared for any situation on the hike to the mountain. A hiker should bring a light source with backup, water, food, GPS or maps, a fire starter, and some clothing to keep warm. The light may guide the way when all is dark. Water may quench the thirst well all seems dry. Food may provide sustenance to keep enduring. Maps may guide if the trail is lost. A fire starter and clothes may provide warmth when all is cold. Having the right equipment can be critical in times of emergencies.

preparation compared to dating

So with dating, emotionally and mentally prepared individuals can go far. So many life lessons and experiences can be taught to the dating individual. Dedication helps with dating, because there will be plenty opportunities to quit. An individual can’t beat themselves up for how difficult dating is. Just keep going. And have the “right equipment” for dating just in case some emergencies are presented. The “right equipment” can help the individual “stay afloat”.


While hiking, several things can be done to enjoy the hike. A hiker can pace the hike, and while pacing the hiker is less likely to be overwhelmed by hike. To accompany the pacing of the hike, the hiker can enjoy the scenery as it passes by. There are so many beautiful things to enjoy, it would be a shame to not look at them. And then once getting to the summit is done, the hiker can enjoy the accomplishment. There is so much to see and evaluate from the mountain summit. If the mountain summit was great, then the hiker might go ahead and do another one.


Pacing is required to hike a mountain. One can not go faster than they have strength. It may seem possible to go fast, but that is naive. The thing about distance hiking is that there is a distance to hike. A fast pace will only bring fatigue. Then impatience festers and slowly thrives, because thoughts of quitting swarm the mind like a rushing sloth. You may not notice the swarm, but when it is in your face, then you know it’s there. So taking a proper pace is necessary in order to not let willpower diminish. Pacing according to one’s strength for distance hiking will enable to hiker to go very far.


A hiker should talk with the mountain, because the mountain the being accompanying the hiker with every step. Stop and enjoy the beauty of the scenery. The mountain gets dressed in beautiful and colorful vestures every spring. Evaluate the incredible view of a mountain canyon arrayed in all forms of wild life. Smell the crisp fresh scent of pine trees or the invigorating wild mountain flowers. One can surely get to know the personality of the mountain they are hiking.

mountain summit

Over the course of time, the mountain summit arrives in a dramatic fashion, like the sun gradually rising for the new day. A hiker should realize the view from the top of the mountain, because so much can be seen! There is no other unique and special sight like the top of a mountain. Because the view is so over powering, there is not much to do other than to sit and embrace it silently, like watching a beautiful silent film in the movie theater.

Most importantly, the accomplishment of getting to the top of the mountain sinks in the brain, like finally getting that pesky driver’s license for the first time. It was a brilliant yet tiring experience! But it was a reward getting to the end! If the experience of hiking a mountain was great, then the hiker might want to continue the journey to another mountain to see what else there is to learn and to grow from.

hiking compared to dating

The previous traits that I have highlighted can be attributed to dating. Dating absolutely requires pacing, because it helps the dating individuals to not be overwhelmed and to take into account their own needs. There are so many activities that can be done while dating, so those activities can be enjoyed! During those activities, the people dating can learn more about each other. The more two people know about each other, the better the relationship could be! At some points while dating, important moments may occur like reaching a mountain summit. These moments while dating are critical to evaluate and enjoy. There was effort getting there, so take in the view, and maybe “go to the next mountain” with dating.


Hiking to a mountain peak is meant to be enjoyed in every sense of the word. Same goes for dating. There will be challenges along the way. But one can prepare for the challenges and one can overcome those challenges. Be prepared for anything to happen, so that the adventure can go on. The lessons learned from hiking can be applied to dating!

Enjoyment for hiking and dating may be found in the preparation and in the act of doing it. Appreciate those spectacular views and crisp fresh mountain airs. Embrace the warm hug of the sun. Pace the experience so that it is not an impatient rush.

There is no end to a wonderful journey, if the journey has a willing heart behind it. Journeys only end if someone wants it to end. So prepare for the journey, so that the journey is easier to do. And while on the journey, do the right things to appreciate it and learn from it. Then there is no need to stop; just keep moving.