brief background

I was a big Halo fan. In high school I played a lot of Xbox live. I found playing against other people in a small match to be very fun. Now after high school, I find myself to have more responsibilities and hobbies, so I am putting minimal time into online gaming.

Several months ago, I decided to build my own computer. I found it to be significantly more cost effective to build my own. I also decided to build my own computer so that I can use it as a development machine. Eventually, I also convinced myself to build my own computer for a casual gaming build too.

After a couple months of enjoying a custom computer, I hear that Halo: Reach will be released for PC. Now I’m not that big of a fan, however I do greatly enjoy playing it. So I thought I could play Halo: Reach when it was released for good entertainment. Halo: Reach was released, and I downloaded it to my computer. There is one game that I would particularly like to talk about. That game showed great sportsmanship with all the players participating.

the game

The game started out normally. Points were getting racked up, and my team was winning but not too much. The opposing team could have made good competition. Eventually, for some reason, players on the opposing team started to leave until one player remained. Nobody on my team was leaving.

So a thought crossed my mind. “This one player isn’t leaving, so he wants to play. And he will not have a fun time with 8 players versus 1 player.” Right after I thought this, I saw that one player. I held off the trigger for a split moment, and I crouched right in front of him to try and show I wouldn’t shoot. I thought that if he started shooting, then I could probably overtake him easily or my teammates would come in and pick up the point.

And that one opposing player did not shoot. A few of my teammates followed up behind me and did not shoot either. We were all gathered around looking at each other. I felt as if someone was going to shoot. Someone did, but not within that group that had an impromptu truce. It was another teammate that was coming in. Immediately, everyone in my team that was in that impromptu truce turned on that teammate and shot him.

So then the game just turned around. It went from a regular big team battle, to a game of trying to protect the one opposing player. Whenever the group with the truce was not handling hostile players, the group just jumped on some warthogs and drove around the map with the one opposing player. Everybody in the truce was fooling around for the remaining time of the game. As a result, some of those hostile players ended up quiting.

The game ended and the remaining players joined into the post game chat. The one opposing player expressed so much appreciation to players of the impromptu truce. It was a brilliant display of sportsmanship out of everyone that stayed to stop playing to get more points, and just have a bit of fun while the match lasted. Our sportsmanship displayed even more when my teammates and I of the truce turned on hostile teammates.

So games are not about getting points, but rather it is more about playing with people. If a player is not having fun, then the players could reconsider how the game will go. When a few of my teammates and I decided to not shoot that player and that player decided not to shoot back, that set how the rest of the game would go. It all turned into a very fun game.