I worked at a place that wasn’t very good to work at. I would come home angry very often. I knew that wasn’t healthy. What would probably build up the tension more, I would then vent to friends about things that happened at work. My relationships and personal life style were beginning to fall. Complaining virtually all the time to friends was not enjoyable. Life needed to recover from the things that were happening. Then I found Headspace.

Headspace is a mobile application that teaches users how to do mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is the practice of being aware of your surroundings and body, and not be attached to them. This is important, because one can manage what they are paying attention to.

Headspace and Andy Puddicombe taught me that I am not my thoughts and emotions. My personality is who I am when I am not carried away with my thoughts. Headspace has taught a wonderful metaphor to go along with this. The mind is a blue sky, and thoughts are clouds. The goal of meditation is to remember that there is always the calm blue sky, and clouds don’t define the blue sky. So during meditation, try to find that calm blue sky.

During my time of practicing mindfullness meditation, I find that I am much more aware of what is going through my head and what is happening in my surroundings. And because I am aware, I can actively choose what to follow or what not to follow. For example, I can choose not to follow negative emotions, but observe that I have those emotions. I don’t have to be angry!

Another benefit of being actively aware of my surroundings, I somehow can find focus. Finding focus has helped me address what is probably the more correct thing to do. I can observe if someone is in distress, and I can accomodate accordingly to that person while not being distressed myself.

I will admit, I thought I could take a break from Headspace after having a year subscription. The break did not prove beneficial. I believe that I was more irritable and less focused during that time period. So I came back to Headspace recently in December, and the focused peace resumed. From this experience of a slight break with Headspace, I know that I will benefit from a constant practice of mindfullness meditation.

Now the lack of Headspace probably wasn’t the cause of being irritable, but probably the lack of direction. It’s great to receive direction from someone that has trained and practiced in meditation for a while (or any other profession for that matter), which is the case with Andy Puddicombe.

I am so grateful for having access to Headspace. The times that I have to meditate have become so valuable to me so that I can try to focus on what is going on and not get carried away. I can also let go of what is occupying my thoughts by finding that peaceful calm interior. I have been able to find a life that is more calm and relaxed.

Get some Headspace. It’s great.