shooting the moon

The game of hearts is played by tricks and hands with a deck of face cards. A player wins by avoiding the penalty cards to not gather points. The first in the game to 100 points ends and loses the game. Once a game ends, the player with the lowest amount of points wins.

There is a move in a game of hearts called shooting the moon. That move happens when a player takes all the penalty cards, to force points to the other competitors. To take all penalty cards is a risky move, because it will probably take the whole hand to accomplish it. If one penalty card is missed, then the player ends with a lot of points. If a player sees his cards and plays them just right, then he can glory in the demise of his competitors. But if it doesn’t work out, one just needs to keep playing the next turns and change his tactics to win. Shooting the moon requires a player to be patient, diligent, and careful.

Combine diligence, patience, and carefulness in a game of hearts, a player can definitely accomplish the rare feat of shooting the moon. I’m not even sure that the moon would be hurt at all. The moon would be just impressed that you were able to do it.

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