pick a color, any color

What if I saw a color that I liked that I wanted to use? But how in the world would I grab the hex value?

In a job a long time ago, I remember using the canvas element and some libraries to grab the dominate color scheme of a banner image. Then I would make the color scheme of specific pages match the color scheme of their banner image. This experience led me to imagine a way to grab the color of an object through the canvas element.

Even then, if there is anything that I have learned with today’s world, somebody else probably already made the idea. So I double checked the Google Play Store, and sure enough there were several apps that implemented this same idea. I downloaded Color Grab, and tried it out! I soon found it was a great little tool to grab colors!

Then I had a question.

What were some of the colors that I see throughout the day?

These are colors that I would normally see starting in the morning until night.

Can you guess what colors these belong to?

in the end

In doing this exercise, I was aware of all the colors around me. What colors were cool? What colors were attractive? What colors were just plain bland? What colors were I picking over other colors? Which colors drew a reaction out of me?

Colors are all around. Light comes and bounces off objects. Life is an experience full of colors; the experience just depends on the colors you choose to see.