A new blog format! I decided to go a little easier with Hugo. It was a good choice!


I kind of miss having a blog to write. The blog went on temporary hiatus because I couldn’t get the solution that I was making before to work. I tried to make some kind of a CMS with Firebase’s Firestore. While developing that recently, I just came across some blocks in the road. I threw up the white flag! But then something sparked in my memory. A static site generator… Hugo… oh yeah!

So I quickly downloaded Hugo through snapcraft (awesome stuff by the way!) and I went on my way through the tutorial. The tutorial on Hugo’s website was fairly straight forward, although there are still a bunch of stuff that I haven’t read yet. This seems like a cool little tool! And on the plus side it’s even open sourced! I really love open sourced stuff that’s handled right. Community support and good documentation is the way to go. Hopefully I’ll get more skilled in my young career and be able to contribute to some projects of my choosing!

It was kind of strange learning how to use a theme, and the one I chose to go with is the Pulp theme. The Pulp theme is minimalistic, which is my go to breakfast meal. Reading the instructions, I couldn’t find a clear way how to put items in my homepage nav bar, put in the right metadata, or activate Lunr to index my blogs. However, since I do support open source code, I might as well dive into the theme source code and figure it out from there. I discovered that one could add variables to the config.toml file, and those would act as global variables for the whole site! There was even an exampleSite/ folder that showed a basic setup! So I followed what I found, and I was able to get my basic site up and running.

I think this is cool stuff! That’s why I chose to be a coder. I definitely like how Hugo is structured. I also like how static site generators just make CMSing so much easier. Since this is so easy and flexible to use, I think I’ll just stick with this one and see where it goes.