Have you ever gone on a rappelling trip? A cliff calls your attention, and it says it must be descended. So you go to the cliff.

Do you remember when you first go over the edge? That’s probably the scariest part. But once you go over and feel your weight on the rope, confidence and adrenaline starts to flow. It might actually be enjoyable. So you commit to descend on the rope. Soon enough you’re having a great time. Eager legs takes a couple jumps to experience the thrill of hanging on a rope in the air.

But then there are some mistakes. You seriously question if it was worth it, but descending is the best option because going up would be harder. Cautious behavior prevents mistakes from happening again.

The ground welcomes the descending rappeller. Once on the ground, friends encourage to go again. Sitting sounds very comfortable, although that is not the fun part on a rappelling trip. The fun part is rappelling.